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Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Lutron and Ketra

Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Lutron and Ketra

Bring the Power of Natural Light Indoors

The lighting we spend most of our time in makes a huge impact on our lives. Shouldn’t your Washington D.C. home have the lighting you need to create the comfortable atmosphere you want? If the lighting in your home is lacking, we highly recommend the power of Lutron and Ketra.

In this blog post, we dive into three reasons why you need Lutron and Ketra lighting and explain how tunable LED lighting can support your physical and emotional health. Let’s get started.

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Support Your Circadian Rhythm with Natural Light

Did you know that scheduling your day to follow along with the natural changes of the sunlight throughout the day benefits your physical and emotional health and wellness? When you spend a considerable amount of time indoors, it can be hard to benefit from natural light. Ketra lighting supports your circadian rhythm by bringing the power of natural light into your home. 

Ketra’s tunable white LED bulbs and fixtures can be fine-tuned to mimic the natural patterns of the sunlight. You’ll start your morning with gentle white lighting and end your day with bluer, cool tones to prepare you for restful sleep. 

Make Your Home Lighting Personal

The power of Ketra and Lutron together is having the ability to create a custom setup that caters to your daily routine and unique needs. You can set the mood for any situation, including getting ready for the day, being productive during work hours, and unwinding for the night. Ketra’s full-color tuning and warm dimming give you the power to adjust your light fixtures to any preferred setting from your smartphone, remote, or touchscreen wall panel. 

Unique and Elegant Light Fixtures

One of the things homeowners love most about Ketra lighting is that they don’t have to redo their entire electrical plan when making their upgrade. Ketra bulbs work with existing fixtures, making it simple and easy to upgrade to tunable lighting without having to experience a huge renovation.

If you do want to upgrade to Ketra lighting fixtures during your installation, you can enjoy the benefits of Ketra’s sleek and elegant pendant, linear, and luminaire fixture models. 


Are you ready to bring the power of Lutron and Ketra to your home? One Source is prepared to help you find the perfect fixtures and make the installation process seamless. Get started by giving us a call, chatting with an expert in the pop-up window below, or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to scheduling you for a no-obligation consultation and helping you bring smart home technology to your space!

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