Automated Touchless Control

Boost Your Customers’ Experience By Providing Memorable, Immersive Audio And Video

April 8, 2021

Reopen Your Business Safely with the Help of Automated Touchless Control

Enjoying a meal with friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures. Some of our most memorable moments happen around the dinner table. Whether we are gathering for a holiday meal or just a Tuesday night dinner. Sharing a meal is about more than just food; it’s about coming together to laugh and share joys and hardships.

That's why creating a safe environment for your customers to come and relax and enjoy a good meal is so important. Seating and décor, as well as music and entertainment, are vital if you want to cultivate the right atmosphere for clientele to enjoy your Washington, DC restaurant. Learn how a top-quality AV system prepares your target clientele for game-day gatherings and private parties, and how One Source can help you make the transition more safely.

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Game Day Ready

Game day brings the crowds in. Loyal fans will flock to their favorite restaurant or sports bar to get the kind of multiscreen access they want to cheer on their favorite team. Establish your eatery as their game-day “spot,” and you’ll see that customer and their friends time and time again.

Designing an audio-video system to cater to customers that want to enjoy their sports means hiring a professional. They know where and how to locate those big-screen televisions and mount speakers. Make sure your customers never miss a play by having One Source install a high-quality AV system in your restaurant. Integrate an outdoor AV system to expand your seating to the outdoors, giving your guests more room and privacy.

Private Party Essentials

Now that more gatherings are happening, you can put your restaurant AV system to work to provide your guests with all the amenities they expect. Including video and audio for slide shows to share all those engagement photos or baby pictures. Tie your video and audio system into an automation system. This will allow you to operate slide shows and playlists in one room while diners enjoy music safely in another. Plus, you can use an integrated AV system to put up restaurant information such as menus and specials. So your guests can relax and enjoy their event. 

Another element to consider is our late-pandemic business climate. Some people simply aren’t ready to gather indoors quite yet, so we suggest adding videoconferencing options to private party areas so everyone can join the fun.

Don’t Forget These Upgrades, Either!

Arguably, the main upgrades that will get customers back in the door and spread positive reviews about your business are audiovisual. They’ll come for your new menu and stay to watch a game in front of your massive TV. They’ll buy more drinks if they hear dance-worthy music playing. However, keep some other essential upgrades in mind as you reopen, too.

One of the top needs for a successful reopening is expanded Wi-Fi. Not only will you need a faster, stronger internet connection but one that extends to outdoor waiting areas and patios, too. Also, today’s client is impressed by the convenience, so make sure your spaces feature one-touch lighting control and AV control to help them feel right at home when customizing their area.

Upgrade your business today with a professional audio video installation. Contact One Source at 888-503-1768 or chat with us online to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!


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