Conference Room AV Design & Installation

Turn your Conference Room into a Powerful Collaboration Hub.

Whether it’s for a small huddle room or a large board room, we understand that each company has different requirements, which is why we offer a variety of services to ensure that your conference room meets your specific goals and runs more effective and engaging meetings.
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The conference room is one of the most important places in your business. The most important deals, decisions, and collaborations happen here. Many businesses don't take advantage of the technologies and systems available to help improve productivity in the conference room. The future of work is in the digital world, and you must make sure that virtual collaboration is simple and seamless. When starting the process of designing a conference room though, it can be difficult not knowing where to start or what you even need. Your conference rooms has a huge influence on employee engagement, which affects overall productivity. To make the most of every meeting, your conference rooms should be designed to meet the demands of your staff and visitors to create an immersive experience. That’s where we come in.
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Video Conferencing

Cut the “can you hear me?” out of your meetings with new effective video conferencing technology or upgrade your existing systems. We can also assist with the general layout and design of your conference rooms to ensure that all participants — no matter how far away from the phone or screen they may be — have a quality experience with your technology.

Sound Design

Poor acoustics can negatively impact the experience. Acoustic art panels can be designed and installed for any size room at any budget to absorb noise and improve the sound quality of any space. One Source will evaluate the conference room to determine the best options to maximize sound distribution for an individual space.

We guide you across every step of creating your ideal living environment.


With your dream in mind, contact our team of home automation and smart technology professionals to take the first step toward a sophisticated lifestyle made smarter. Give us a call now.


It begins with a conversation about you. We find out what matters most to you and create a plan that we work on collaboratively. The goal is to design a customized integrated system specifically for you and your family.


Once we have approval on that original proposal, we’ll use cutting-edge technology and project drawings to create in-depth documentation for our technicians. By strictly following these plans, we ensure the final project is in line with the approved design.


Knowing the unique requirements for various subsystems, our technicians expertly install and test all devices to ensure they work as specified. How long the process takes will depend on the project scope as well as any change orders along the way


After installation, enjoy world-class service to keep your integrated technology running smoothly for years. Every piece of documentation is kept for future service and manufacturer warranties are guaranteed. Need ongoing support? Ask us about our Partner Program

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