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Everything You Need for A Successful Home Theater Installation

January 5, 2021

An Immersive Experience with More Control.

Are you considering a home theater for your Bethesda, MD property this year? With commercial theaters not being quite as accessible as before, anyone who misses going to the movies would love having their own private theater. 

There’s a lot of work and thought that goes into designing and installing a home theater, so we wrote this blog post to give you an idea of the basic components you’ll need for a home theater system and what to expect. Keep reading to find out what equipment you’ll need and how you can effortlessly control it all with a Control4 system.

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What Components Does Your Home Theater Need?

If you want to reap the full benefits of having a dedicated home theater, there are a few specific components you’ll need. First, you’ll need to invest in top-quality speakers to increase the immersion factor in order to get lost in the film or television show. A typical home theater has two front speakers, two back speakers, surround speakers, and a subwoofer. The placement of these speakers will vary based on multiple factors – like room size and shape, screen and seating placement, etc.

Next, you’ll need the perfect display device. You can make this decision based on your theater’s specific needs and your personal preferences. You can choose from an OLED, LCD TV, a 4K or 8K Ultra HD TV, or even a video projector and screen.

Finally, to connect your speakers, video input, and display device, you’ll need a high-quality receiver to be the central hub of your home theater system. The ideal receiver will also function as an amplifier.

Experience Simplified Control Over Your Theater with Control4

It can be very easy for remote controls for different technology devices to pile up. Imagine having one remote to control everything in your home theater– or controlling the whole room with your voice! Installing a Control4 smart home automation system will simplify and enhance your home theater experience.

There’s a lot more that goes into having an immersive, uninterrupted experience in your home theater than just having the right display and speakers. Think about your lighting. Do you want your lights to automatically dim when a movie starts? Or how about eliminating the potential for glare on your display from the sun by having your window treatments automatically lower? Since Control4 allows your systems to “speak” to each other, you can program your lighting, temperature, and shades to react to your home theater. Press a button that starts a “Movie Night” scene and witness all these functions happen seconds later!

Are you ready to take complete control of your home theater system? One Source is prepared to help. Contact us by giving us a call or speak with a representative in the chatbox below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you bring smart home automation to your space.


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