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How To Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

June 25, 2020

Impressive Technological Solutions That Make Your Outdoor Areas More Appealing.

Take the entertainment outside by making your backyard more functional and attractive. By adding 4K TVs, an outdoor audio system, and smart landscape lighting, you transform your outdoor area into party central. Whether you’re looking forward to hosting parties with friends in the future or you prefer small family hangouts, your new outdoor entertainment space will be the place to be.

Whatever you want, One Source can make it happen. We have an artistic eye and years of experience in the smart home technology field, and we can make your outdoor space a beautiful extension of your home in Bethesda, MD. Keep reading to see how you can take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

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The Sights & Sounds of Outdoor Technology

Tantalize your senses when it’s time to bring the entertainment outside. You certainly aren’t going to do it by dragging out one speaker for music or watching a small TV mounted on an exterior wall. You need something better than that. With all the advances in smart home technology and the AV industry, you can enjoy the very best with the right AV technology for your pool, patio, or garden sitting area.

Today’s state-of-the-art speakers and audio systems take your listening enjoyment to a whole new level. Designed to withstand any outdoor environment, systems are not only highly durable but also offer high-quality sound. Instead of depending on one speaker for sound, such as a TV speaker, a comprehensive outdoor speaker system can create a true surround-sound experience. Speakers can go anywhere – in the ceiling, built into the walls, on trees, and even in the ground. One Source expertly places your speakers in the perfect location, offering an unparalleled, quality sound that is like no other.

Now, let’s excite your other senses. How about installing a 4K UHD-resolution TV outside? Perfect for pool decks, covered patios, and outdoor kitchens, an open-air home theater improves the way you enjoy movies, sports, and TV while soaking up the outdoor air. Most importantly, the TV and the speakers are fully integrated to create a stunning sensory experience in your backyard. And don’t forget all of this technology can be seamlessly interfaced with your indoor smart home system for easy access and control.

Liven Up Your Landscape With Lights

One of the most effective ways to create the right ambiance for your landscape is lighting. In addition to improving security, smart lighting can be optimized to produce any mood and look you want. Well-designed landscape lighting adds appeal to your Bethesda-area property, making outdoor entertaining so much more enjoyable. From pathway and walkway lights to tree lights, down-lights, and up-lights, you can highlight the features that give personality to your outdoor areas.

However, installing lighting requires the right eye for originality, as well as industry knowledge. One Source specializes in providing customized outdoor lighting solutions. We know the best methods and lighting products to make any project a success.
Let us help you choose the perfect lighting design and outdoor entertainment products for your property today - call us at (888) 503-1768 or chat with us below to get started.


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