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Set Up Your Home Network for Success

Check Out the At-Home Office Solutions that Make Remote Work A Breeze

Set Up Your Home Network for Success

Did you know that your home network is the very backbone of your home? It’s the foundation on which every solution and system runs on throughout your Washington, D.C. living space. And if your home network setup isn’t up to par, then your at-home work, and even daily home entertainment, will suffer for it.

Right now, working from home is more common than not – and if you’re one of the many who finds themselves entering regular video conference calls or staying in constant contact with coworkers across the country, then you need home office solutions that enhance your entire remote work atmosphere. Plus, with the whole family at home, you might have to add stay-at-home educating for your kids as a demand on your network.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why a proper home network installation or upgrade is more imperative than ever before and how smart tech can take your home office to a new level. Our team at One Source is here to simplify staying inside and working from home. Find out more by reading on below!

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A Professional Home Network 

With everyone in the family at home now, there are likely more smart devices and technologies running at the same time – from a handheld device to your basement TV, it’s all connected to your network. When your home network doesn’t perform well, neither does your home as a whole. While you’re working in your office, others could be elsewhere in your home watching videos, catching up on an audiobook, or your kids might be settling in for their daily school lesson. All operating at once, your technologies could suddenly fail you and lead to a disastrous work – and school – day. 

Your network operates like a highway, with limited bandwidth that can only take on so many cars. More people at home means more functioning devices and technologies crowd the road – leading to a major traffic jam and putting a terrible strain on your bandwidth overall. Our professional integrators avoid these crowded lanes with a network upgrade or installation that improves your bandwidth, strengthens your system, and secures your connection all at once.

When you have a high-quality network setup, you don’t run into buffering symbols, loading screens, or glitching devices. You also don’t need to worry about hackers stealing your vulnerable information. We install the proper firewalls and VPNs to ensure your personal and professional data remains protected and safe, always. 

There’s no need to stress over your next video conference, wondering if the call will drop or if the video quality will freeze with delayed audio. A strong home network lets you work from home without any issue – allowing you to focus on your daily routine. But with a top-notch setup, you also need to make sure your smart solutions match in both quality and effectiveness.

A Smart Office Setup

With a professional network in place, your home office technologies can truly shine and keep you connected to your entire company with just a push of a button. Kick your setup up a notch with a 4K screen or projector that delivers image quality you won’t need to strain to see. Enjoy flawless streaming and resolution, ensuring that you see your coworkers and clients with zero grain or blur.

Add in a built-in camera and ceiling mic to guarantee your company can see and hear you with no effort at all – you can offer ideas and contribute without any struggle. In-wall speakers deliver crystal-clear sound, directly keeping you in the conversation and creating a collaborative brainstorming workspace through a screen, even miles away. Using audio leveling software, our team of experts can even professionally tune your office space for optimum sound performance at all times.


Want to learn more about how One Source can upgrade your network setup and bring only the best office solutions to your home? Give our team a call at (888) 503-1768 or chat with us by clicking the box at the bottom of your screen. We’d love to hear from you!