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The Benefits of Integrating Lighting Control with Control4

Take the Benefits of Lighting Control to the Next Level

The Benefits of Integrating Lighting Control with Control4

Lighting control is a smart home feature in homes that most people don’t think about very much. After all, it doesn’t have the pizzazz of, say, a large 8K TV. When homeowners first consider the benefits of automated lighting, they might believe all lighting control has to offer is the ability to turn your lights on and off without flipping a switch. 

The truth is, the benefits of lighting control go far beyond the convenience of not having to get up and flip a switch—especially when integrated with your Control4 automation system. One Source can help you find the right lighting control system for your Washington, D.C., home and ensure you experience a seamless installation and feel confident in your ability to operate your new system. First, let’s explore the extra benefits your Control4 system can help you bring out of a lighting system.

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Enhanced Energy Savings

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that a lighting control system is a frivolous purchase, but it ends up saving them money in the long run! When integrated with your Control4 system, Lutron lighting control can be programmed to automatically turn the lights off in an unoccupied room to ensure electricity isn’t being wasted. You even have the power to integrate your lights with your motorized window treatments to lower your carbon footprint even further.


Personalized Lighting Scenes

The beauty of Lutron and Ketra lighting control lies in your ability to customize “scenes” to fit your daily life. Scenes integrate lighting with other systems in your home through Control4 to respond with a predetermined series of events that happen without you having to do anything. For example, a “good morning” scene will turn on the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallway when it’s time to wake up and start your day.


Low Maintenance and Convenient Control

When your lighting control is integrated with your Control4 home automation system, you won’t have to worry about turning your landscape lights on at sunset or turning your lights off on your way out the door for work—you can just set it and forget it. You have complete control from your smartphone, tablet, controller, and light switches.


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