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The Technological Advancements in Today’s Commercial Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems Protect Your Business and Employees

The Technological Advancements in Today’s Commercial Surveillance Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to change our world almost daily. One area it has certainly redefined is the commercial surveillance system in McLean, VA, and the surrounding areas. Now, our business surveillance and security systems are "smart," showing us not only what is happening at any given moment but also what is to come.

Let’s take a look at today’s security systems and the benefits they bring. 

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Best Defense Against Crime

Many criminals are opportunists. An employee accidentally leaving the door ajar or turning off all the lights, leaving shadows that burglars use for cover—these are examples of giving intruders an opportunity. In addition, more than half of commercial burglary attempts occur after a business has closed for the day. 

Seeing a video surveillance camera dispels opportunities. One study reveals that more than half of burglars choose a different target if surveillance equipment and alarms are present.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predictive analytics helps businesses determine their target market, where they live, and what appeals to them. Today, it also prevents security issues before they happen. 

A surveillance system can determine whether a person is about to try and enter a building through motion detection and analytics. You, or an administrator, will receive immediate notifications wherever you are in the world, enabling you to take a look at real-time footage and respond accordingly. 

You may choose to remotely turn on more lights or the music as a deterrent or call law enforcement. 

Employee Safety and Comfort

Video analytics also enables today's smart cameras to detect smoke, flames, and even spills before humans and trigger associated alarms. This early detection decreases the risk of fire and water damage as well as protecting employees and customers. The use of this technology may also reduce business insurance costs. 

Smart cameras also detect the number of people in a room, and automated systems can control heating and ventilation based on demand. 

Workplace Surveillance and Productivity

Unfortunately, employee theft is said to cost U.S. businesses almost $50 billion every year. Employees aware of internal surveillance cameras are far less likely to skim cash or steal inventory. 

Cameras also act as an incentive, increasing productivity and giving your business a competitive edge. Whether on a business trip or vacation, you can see your employees through your camera's lens and reward those that go above and beyond while retraining those that kick back when you're gone.

Though hard to imagine, one study revealed that 80% of people play mobile games an average of 2.5 times per week while at the office, losing 50 minutes of productivity. Even more surprising was that managers averaged the most time spent gaming. 

If your surveillance cameras are equipped with facial recognition, you can also protect your employees. Banned individuals who have caused trouble in the past will be recognized immediately, and you and your staff will receive instant notification. In addition, if a security breach or crime does occur, this modern technology can help investigators solve the crime.

At One Source, our team of experts is committed to providing our clients with the best products and services available in today’s ever-changing, technology-focused world. We’re happy to discuss your needs and options and determine what integrated system tailored to your industry can bring you increased security and productivity. For a complimentary consultation, contact One Source today.