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Why You Should Let Us Install a Control4 Automation System in Your Home

We’re Proud to Install the Best in Smart Home Automation

Why You Should Let Us Install a Control4 Automation System in Your Home

The advantages of home automation are numerous. A connected house can add an extra layer of security, convenience, control, and fun to your surroundings. And there are lots of options, from DIY to professional installers. Thanks to the industry push to move towards automation in the commercial sector and the residential sector, homeowners now have a plethora of options when it comes to devices, networking and system integrations. But all setups and installation companies are not created equal, which is why it is essential to know what you want from your home automation system. If you're looking for high-quality equipment with a professional-grade system, you’ll want to have a Control4 dealer install your home automation system.

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Versatility in Device Customization

Control4 is the leading smart control system for its range of integration solutions. It has close to 14,000 compatible devices across various automation systems, including security, audio and video, lighting, and climate control. It can also integrate with newer technologies like smart doorbells and smart locks and software such as Siri, Google Home and Alexa. It has an intuitive interface that makes engaging with the system easy and straightforward.


Uninterrupted Connectivity

Another advantage that Control4 has over its competition is the strong background in networking to ensure smoother-running ecosystems. Much like Control4, One Source believes that a fast, reliable network lays the foundation for the best smart homes. We started our company with networking in mind and prioritize network speed and safety in every Control4 installation, using top brands like Ubiquity, Ruckus, and Meraki.  We are more proficient in networking than our competitors and we've had more than a few project takeovers to prove it.  

Excellent Support and Customer Service

Having a good product is one thing, but good customer service is what makes a good product great. When you eventually run into questions about your devices or automation system, Control4 has the support you need to get back up and going. Integrators can monitor systems 24/7 to spot any problems through a cloud management system. They can also do any system upgrades without interrupting your automation system's function, so you never even notice the difference. They also have support for service calls as well, for those issues that can't be handled remotely. The best kind of smart home lets you manage the business of living while it handles the business of running. And that’s just what a sophisticated control system from Control4 can do for your home.


You deserve the best in smart home automation. Contact your local Control4 dealer at 888-503-1768 or chat with us online. We look forward to hearing from you.