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Indoor Living

Experience The Comfort And Ease Of A Smarter Way To Live

Learn how our customized solutions can simplify your daily routines and reduce your efforts, all while working discreetly in the background.

Reimagine How You Enjoy Comfort & Convenience

From the bedroom to the wine cellar, smart technology provides the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to every space in your home. Revel in the possibilities below.

Home Automation

Effortless control of all of your home’s technology.

Audio / Video

Enjoy unprecedented access to high-quality home entertainment.


Modern security through precise footage and analytics.

Wi-Fi / Networking

Reliable high-speed internet connectivity for entertainment and control.

Home Theater

A luxury theater designed for exceptional quality and comfort.

Hidden Technology

Preserve your design with discreet technology solutions.


The kitchen is the center of the home for the modern family. Homework, date night, entertaining and cooking are just some of the things we do in the kitchen. Create the perfect soundtrack and lighting for the demanding needs of McLean, VA families with lighting control, motorized shades, and audio video system.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Shades · Multi-room Music · Wi-Fi · Voice Control
Couple in a kitchen, little boy running in the hallway

Lighting Control

Activity-based light scenes such as cooking, entertain and clean-up are easily activated from your table top or wall-mounted touch panel.

Smart Home Control

Touch your wall-mounted iPad or system touch panel to activate the cooking scene. Raise the lighting, adjust the shades and start your favorite playlist while you prepare a meal.

Voice Control

Multitask with ease by commanding your lights, shades, entertainment, kitchen appliances and more with just your voice.

Primary Room

Create an oasis for your nightly retreat in Potomac, MD, customize your lighting color temperature and soundtrack that lifts your spirits and calms your mind and the command of your voice or lighting keypad.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Whole Home Audio · Voice Control · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Lifts
Lutron Sivoia QS shades in a grey and white bedroom

Motorized Window Treatments

Wake up naturally with gradually rising shades in the morning to let in sunlight. In one touch, effortlessly lower shades for privacy and better sleep.

Smart Home Control

Wake up to rising shades and your favorite playlist. Press “Goodnight” to turn out lights, shut off your TV and lower the thermostat—all from your bed.

Whole Home Audio

Awake to your favorite energizing playlist, then automatically unwind to a peaceful audio collection before bed.


Delight both your family and friends with tailored multimedia solutions that perfectly match your preferences
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Media Control · Lighting Control · Hidden Audio Video · High-Performance Audio
Modern Game Room

Media Control

Easily switch up the entertainment from Netflix to Playstation and more with one-touch control of your 4K-compatible video sources.

Smart Home Control

Impress your guests with one-touch scenes that adjust the lighting, set the music and turn on the game for an evening of merriment.

Lighting Control

Transform the ambiance to complement any get-together, from a lavish cocktail party to a relaxing afternoon of playing pool.


Today's work and school demands require the perfect environment, which includes proper lighting, sound, and a reliable connection. Optimize your space with enhanced lighting for a better appearance, improved audio for clear communication, and maximum connectivity to ensure no dropped calls during important meetings.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Human-Centric Lighting · Wi-Fi · Video Conferencing · Acoustic Treatments
Home Office

Video Conferencing

Collaborate with board members, co-workers and staff around the world in real time with an interactive, scalable video conferencing system.

Motorized Window Treatments

Command your solar shades from the comfort of your desk to block damaging UV rays and solar heat gain while still letting in sunlight to boost productivity.


Create a flexible work environment with a strong, high-speed wireless network fit to support heavy-bandwidth applications.


Enjoy a theater experience in the comfort and privacy of your own Washington D.C. home. With a well-designed home theater system, viewers can enjoy the breathtaking immersive and captivating experience intended by the film maker, providing a more enjoyable and fulfilling viewing experience.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · High-Performance Audio · Video Projection · Theater Seating · Acoustic Treatments · LED Lighting
Sony Private Home Theater

Video Projection

Enjoy your favorite films through stunning 4K projection that produces eye-popping color, optimal contrast, and crystal-clear detail every time.

Theater Seating

Relax and recline in plush, customized theater seating featuring beautiful woods, fabrics and leather finishes applied to chairs, loungers and chaises.

Lighting Control

Program beautiful light scenes that create the optimal viewing experience and even illuminate your theater’s walkways for safe exiting.


Immerse yourself as you wind down for the evening, with the highest of quality audio video systems, controlled with your voice or one touch of a remote.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Media Control · Lighting Control · High-Performance Audio · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes · LED Lighting
Savant Media Room

Media Control

Effortlessly activate media scenes for any affair, from “Party Music” to “Movie Night” and more. When it’s time, turn everything off in a tap.

High-Performance Audio

Delight in audio sources both new and old through a high-fidelity speaker system that creates a beautiful soundscape for any audiophile.

Universal Remotes

Activate all of your systems capabilities from a single remote. Streaming your Pandora station or setting the perfect scene for movie night is a simple button press away.


One Source's technology solutions operate seamlessly in the background, delivering practical and life-changing experiences to our clients.

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