Security and Surveillance

Here at One Source Systems, nothing is more important to your business than the safety and protection of the people and material in your office. With a specialization in residential and commercial security and surveillance systems, our experienced custom design team and technical staff can work with you to seamlessly integrate security at your business.

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Access Control

Forget the Doorman and the Security Guard! An access control system designed and installed by the engineers from One Source Systems are capable of doing their jobs and much much more. Scan in access means that your employees simply scan their cards and are granted access behind that door. Who may or may not enter is entirely up to you so you can section off rooms, wings, and even whole buildings. The system allows for time restrictions to ensure your building is secure at all times. A user database is also maintained, which lists those who signed in and those who attempted to do so. This database may be used as a time clock, allowing staff to enter and exit throughout the day in order to keep track of their working hours.

Network Security

One Source Systems started out with highly intelligent and safe network design and builds. Having worked in Hospitality through the transition of PCI, we understand the criticalness of a network and can keep you safe. We design all of our systems from the network up, using heat mapping and network engineers to provide the fastest and most reliable solution, while maintaining security.

Closed Circuit Television

Our goal is to protect you from break-ins and aid you in the prevention of damage to your property. We offer Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), battery backups, hookups to monitors, and cameras that stream to your very own secured website. We use only the finest selection of dome and bullet cameras that produce sharp color pictures, are night-vision capable, and are weather and vandal proof. With our professional installations, we protect your business without sacrificing aesthetics.
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One Source Systems is the leading provider of security and surveillance systems for businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your specific needs, including access control, network security, and closed-circuit television. Our experienced team of custom design and technical staff can work with you to seamlessly integrate our security solutions into your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your people and property.

We guide you across every step of creating your ideal living environment.


With your dream in mind, contact our team of home automation and smart technology professionals to take the first step toward a sophisticated lifestyle made smarter. Give us a call now.


It begins with a conversation about you. We find out what matters most to you and create a plan that we work on collaboratively. The goal is to design a customized integrated system specifically for you and your family.


Once we have approval on that original proposal, we’ll use cutting-edge technology and project drawings to create in-depth documentation for our technicians. By strictly following these plans, we ensure the final project is in line with the approved design.


Knowing the unique requirements for various subsystems, our technicians expertly install and test all devices to ensure they work as specified. How long the process takes will depend on the project scope as well as any change orders along the way


After installation, enjoy world-class service to keep your integrated technology running smoothly for years. Every piece of documentation is kept for future service and manufacturer warranties are guaranteed. Need ongoing support? Ask us about our Partner Program

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