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Set Up the Perfect Home Office with Video Conference Solutions

June 20, 2022

High-Quality Video Conference Creates a Professional AV Setup When Working at Home

Today, many companies have adopted work-from-home and hybrid work models. Not only has it helped improve work efficiency and employee morale, but businesses have seen a decrease in expenses and more profitability

If you work from home, then a robust home network and high-performance AV solutions are necessary to ensure productivity and professionalism. That’s why video conference solutions are essential for your Washington, DC home office. An upgraded system allows you to join video calls, conduct client meetings, and host conferences right from the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to learn about the best solutions you need to have an excellent video conferencing environment in your home.

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High-Performance AV for Clear Communications

The last thing you want is to have a pixelated image, muffled audio, or a dropped call as you give presentations or communicate with your colleagues during a video meeting. The question is, “What equipment are you using to join video calls?” Perhaps your computer’s camera and speakers aren’t enough to handle the needs of a home office. Instead, you need high-quality solutions that can handle your needs.

When your video quality is exceptional and the audio comes out clear and crisp, you present yourself in a professional manner by looking prepared. In addition, those on the other side of the screen (i.e. colleagues, clients, or your boss) will become more attentive when listening to your ideas, earning you high praise.

Today, many manufacturers offer high-performance conferencing solutions with wide-angled cameras using 4K visuals and premium speakers for excellent audio. Moreover, you can benefit from a proper desktop microphone so everyone can hear you clearly.

Robust Home Network for Seamless Connectivity

You already have a home network, but you may have found that it’s insufficient since you started working from home. Ordinary networking solutions aren’t equipped to handle the needs of automated spaces, much less a video conferencing system at home. When you have a home office, you need a strong connection 24/7. You don’t want your home’s internet to stop working mid-conference. So, you need ample coverage in your home with a high bandwidth connection and strong Wi-Fi. 

Upgrading to an enterprise-grade network ensures the video or audio quality doesn’t drop because of a poor connection. To combat this, a professional integrator like One Source can install better routers with Wi-Fi 6 and hardwired wireless access points (WAP) throughout your home to ensure zero connectivity issues. 

Are you ready to set up a home office in your Washington, DC residence? One Source offers the best video conference solutions for residential spaces. Call us at (888) 503-1768 or reach out by filling out an easy online contact form for more details. 


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