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Smart Home Security System Essentials

October 30, 2020

Where Security Meets the Tools of Modern Technology

Who is watching your property when you are not at home? A neighbor? Or if you have a security system, is it only equipped with alarms and cameras?

To know your home and family are fully protected, it might be time to install a fully automated smart security system. There is no substitute for an integrated high-tech system. Especially with night vision, dedicated cellular connections, smart locks, AI cameras, and motion sensors. Even the craftiest of burglars would find it difficult to get into your home undetected.

With a smart home security system, you can rest assured that your home in Washington, DC, is fully protected.

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State-Of-The-Art Technology Ensures Total Security

Surveillance cameras have reached a new level of sophistication. Not only will they be able to record videos of visitors to your property, but they can also detect specific faces.

These cameras have artificial intelligence technology that can recognize the faces of your family. When programmed, it can disarm your system to let family in when you're away.

Home automation security devices also feature cameras with motion detectors that are hidden inside your doorbell. These can be installed in any doorway and once someone approaches an entrance, you’ll receive an alert to your smartphone or laptop where you can watch a live video feed of the visitor.

Through a two-way audio system, you can then speak with them if you choose. Additionally, you can remotely disarm the system to grant access. Alternatively, to secure a delivery left on the porch, you could instruct the package is left inside, remotely engaging the system.

Automated monitoring systems also send you alerts to your smartphone to let you know if you’ve left a door unlocked, the garage door open, or forgotten to your arm system. You can then use your smartphone app to lock the doors, arm the system, and close the garage.

A Monitoring Service Adds Extra Protection to Your Home Automation

For an even greater sense of security, have your surveillance system connected to a monitoring station. These are often manned 24 hours a day by a team of security professionals.

If an intruder does happen to make their way onto your property, the system increases the chance of apprehending them. Working with a security team , allows the authorities to be alerted immediately.

In certain scenarios where you might be away on vacation and you’re out of the service area, or if you lose your phone or have it turned off, then having a group monitoring your smart home security devices is definitely a great backup plan.

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