5 Ways to Make Your Home Theater Installation Special

Home movie theater with large screen, lighting and couch.

One Source Optimizes Your Space for an Exceptional Viewing Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect cinematic experience in your new home theater. First, you’ll envision a large, dramatic screen with colorful, high-definition pictures. You may also hear the rumble of action through a top-of-the-line audio system that immerses you in the music, dialogue, and sound effects in the movie. 

What else is in your vision? Comfortable seats? Dimmed lighting? What are the items you envision in your home theater installation that make every cinematic experience rise to meet your expectations?

Continue reading for some of the finer details One Source would have you consider with a theater installation for your home in Arlington, VA, or the surrounding area.

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Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment

a man sitting on a living room sofa beside a woman in front of a TV

Enhance the AV experience with high-performance audio-video installation and seamless control

Do you love watching movies but prefer to do it in privacy with friends and family - not in a big movie theater? Perhaps you’d love to listen to your favorite band or artist, but you hate the crowd and traffic. Why not bring the cinematic experience or the concert to your home? 

With professional audio-video installation, you can make your home the dream of every movie-lover and audiophile. But it isn't just about creating a home theater or media room space. The control options you get and the quality of the AV system also matter. 

Read on to discover how expert integration of the audio-video system makes your home in Bethesda, MD, more entertaining. 

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Enhance Your Visuals With Immersive Video Walls

a video wall with multiple videos playing at once

Explore the Benefits of this Scalable and Versatile Video Solution 

While projector screens and large flatscreens are excellent choices for displaying video, a video wall opens up a new world of opportunities. Regularly used in commercial applications to create dynamic, larger-than-life digital signage, video walls are now expanding to the residential market as well. 

While plenty of brands offer exceptional video distribution solutions, Crestron and Savant are the top choices for commercial and residential applications respectively. Read on to discover why video walls are the ultimate option in businesses and homes throughout the Washington, DC, area.

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Brighten Your Home with Lighting and Shade Control

Home with stairs leading up to a porch. Well-lit property at night.

How to Get Started with Smart Lighting and Motorized Shades in Your Home

Have you ever made it home after work only to realize that your kitchen lights have been on all day? This situation can be frustrating and send your power bill through the roof. What if you could adjust your home's lighting from anywhere — all with one single remote? One Source offers a solution that lets you take complete control of your home, whether you’re in your bedroom, kitchen, or miles away.

If you’re interested in adding more luxury and automation to your home in Washington, DC, keep reading to learn how to get started with smart lighting and shade control. 

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