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Commercial Technology

Smart Workplace Solutions That Scale with Your Business

Differentiate your organization with immersive audio and video, along with user-friendly, dependable technology that enhances employee productivity and elevates customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Business with Leading-Edge Technology

From corporate to classroom, smart office security and conference room technology puts your business or institution in McLean, VA or Potomac, MD above the rest in overall efficiency and experience. Explore the possibilities below.

Integrated Building Control
Monitor and operate conference room technology from a central hub to facilitate daily tasks in Potomac, MD.
Centralized Distribution

Streamline operations with remotely located equipment racks and automation gear.

Motorized Window Treatments

Optimize natural light while managing any resulting heat gain or UV damage.

Commercial Surveillance
High performance commercial surveillance and office security cameras with cloud or local storage help mitigate threats in McLean, VA and Washington D.C.
Distributed Audio

Deliver quality sound throughout your facility that is effortless to control.

Lighting Control

Improve employee morale and reduce costs with intuitive control.


A great audio-video experience in a conference room can enhance communication and collaboration, improve the professional image of the organization, increase engagement from attendees, and save time and money by reducing the need for travel and inclusion of remote workers.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing · Immersive Sound

Crestron Conference Room

Integrated Room Control

Increase meeting efficiency with one-touch control and scheduling for all audio, video, lighting, shading and presentation technology.

Presentation Technology

Captivate your staff and clients with a high-performance 4K multimedia switching of local and remote sources outputted to displays and projection systems optimized for clarity.

Video Conferencing

Lead more collaborative meetings with interactive on-premise or web-based video conferencing solutions that reliably connect remotely located staff and clients with your in-house team.

Restaurant / Bar

Clear and high-quality audio-video is crucial to enhancing the overall dining experience for your patrons, and a One Source Systems seamlessly integrates audio and video components can provide the best solution for delivering immersive and engaging entertainment while preserving the aesthetic of the space. While offering automatic transition your lights, shades, climate and multimedia.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Video Walls · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Wi-Fi · Full Restaurant Control · Sunlight Harvesting

Restaurant with wooden table and eames replica chairs

HVAC Control

Automate your climate control system to effectively manage humidity, temperature and air quality for a comfortable and healthy environment for your patrons.

LED Lighting

Transform the ambiance in an instant or with smooth transitions with striking LED lighting fixtures and strip lighting that change in color and intensity via scheduled routines.


Provide guests what they expect in strong Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring they will stay and enjoy their dining experience rather than rush out to check the latest game stats.

Professional Office

Great audio-video, lighting, and integrated technology can enhance overall work experience, facilitate effective communication and collaboration in and office and with remote employees, and create a more engaging and productive work environment, which can ultimately promote employees' desire to come to the office.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Sound Masking · Access Control · Smart Building Control · Wi-Fi · Audio-Video Conferencing · Zoom and Teams Certified Solutions

Modern office with people working on their computers

Motorized Window Treatments

Optimize comfort for your staff and reduce sun glare on monitors and TV displays with motorized solar shades that rise and lower in unison on your command.

Smart Building Control

Dramatically increase efficiency with comprehensive control of your security system, HVAC, lighting, TV displays and more from one intuitive interface.

Access Control

Protect your facility with PIN or key card entry for authorized users only. Receive alerts when access is attempted and remotely lock and unlock entries.

Training Spaces

Facilitate an effective and dynamic learning environment with scalable collaboration solutions and one-touch integrated room control.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Motorized Window Treatments · Interactive Whiteboards · Video Conferencing · Motion Sensors

Training room with wooden tables and blue and wood chairs

Lighting Control

Keep trainees both comfortable and alert with dynamic light scenes that set for the perfect balance of both natural and artificial light based on the task at hand.

Motorized Window Treatments

Maintain a comfortable learning environment for trainees and staff with automated solar shades that block out heat and sun glare while still enabling natural light to brighten the room.

Presentation Technology

Lead effective and engaging training sessions with easy and intuitive to operate room and multimedia control perfectly calibrated for a maximized viewing and listening experience.

Hotel / Hospitality

Deliver an exceptional experience to your guests as they enter your property and navigate through common areas and their personal suite.
Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Entry Systems/Access Control · Smart Building Technology · Wi-Fi · Lighted Mirrors

Modern Hotel Lobby


Guarantee fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your property with optimized accent point placement, robust firewall protection and separate networks for guests and staff.

Lighting Control

Create a welcoming environment when guests arrive with dynamic scenes that brighten and dim throughout the day on your command or on a preset schedule.

Smart Building Technology

Improve hotel operations by implementing a comprehensive, centralized control system to monitor, manage and adjust the integrated technology throughout your entire property.

Classroom / Auditorium

AV technology can boost learning in a classroom by facilitating interactive and immersive experiences, and help remote learners feel like a part of the classroom by providing real-time access to the learning environment, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.
Common Solutions

Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Lighting Control · Presentation Technology · Motorized Window Treatments · Interactive Whiteboards · Remote Learning and Recording Technologies


Lighting Control

Encourage productivity with bright, even lighting that instantly dims on your command when it's time for an educational video, presentation or performance.

Presentation Technology

Communicate effectively to any-size audience with a sophisticated, fully equipped audiovisual system that is perfectly tailored to the dimensions and acoustics of your space.

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