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3 Ways a Commercial Surveillance System Can Keep Your Company Safe

Ensure Your Employees’ Safety During These Uncertain Times

3 Ways a Commercial Surveillance System Can Keep Your Company Safe

Managers all around Bethesda, Maryland, and the Greater D.C. areas are experiencing unprecedented anxiety right now. Not only do they have all the financial and logistical reopening pressures, but they also know they’re sending employees back to work during a vulnerable time.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely navigating some of this stress. Just know that there are innovative, high-tech tools to help you mitigate risk. In this blog, we’ll talk about those as well as some overarching benefits of a commercial surveillance system to provide both employees and managers the ultimate peace of mind.

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How to Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Impressive Technological Solutions That Make Your Outdoor Areas More Appealing

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Take the entertainment outside by making your backyard more functional and attractive. By adding 4K TVs, an outdoor audio system, and smart landscape lighting, you transform your outdoor area into party central. Whether you’re looking forward to hosting parties with friends in the future or you prefer small family hangouts, your new outdoor entertainment space will be the place to be.

Whatever you want, One Source can make it happen. We have an artistic eye and years of experience in the smart home technology field, and we can make your outdoor space a beautiful extension of your home in Bethesda, MD. Keep reading to see how you can take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

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Set Up Your Home Network for Success

Check Out the At-Home Office Solutions that Make Remote Work A Breeze

Set Up Your Home Network for Success

Did you know that your home network is the very backbone of your home? It’s the foundation on which every solution and system runs on throughout your Washington, D.C. living space. And if your home network setup isn’t up to par, then your at-home work, and even daily home entertainment, will suffer for it.

Right now, working from home is more common than not – and if you’re one of the many who finds themselves entering regular video conference calls or staying in constant contact with coworkers across the country, then you need home office solutions that enhance your entire remote work atmosphere. Plus, with the whole family at home, you might have to add stay-at-home educating for your kids as a demand on your network.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why a proper home network installation or upgrade is more imperative than ever before and how smart tech can take your home office to a new level. Our team at One Source is here to simplify staying inside and working from home. Find out more by reading on below!

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