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3 Must-Haves for the Ideal Outdoor Home Entertainment Setup

3 Must-Haves for the Ideal Outdoor Home Entertainment Setup

If you’re tired of being confined indoors, as many of us are, then perhaps one of the best things to do is to plan an outdoor gathering.

The ideal place to enjoy outdoor entertainment should be done right outside your own home. With the advice of our audiovisual experts, you’ll be able to design the perfect outdoor party venue by determining the best location for audio, video, and lighting systems.

One Source’s installation professionals in Washington, DC and surrounding areas will also be to integrate all of your entertainment systems into one-touch smart home technology by using Control4 systems. 

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1. Choosing the Right Video Installation

On the top of the list when choosing what you need for a backyard entertainment setup is your choice of video screens.

Whether you will be entertaining during the day or night, you’ll want to choose the kind of TV that portrays rich colors and is able to deflect glare from unwanted light sources.

Séura makes TVs specifically for outdoor use. They produce TV screens that are three times brighter than regular screens and the colors are so perfectly saturated that images are able to project through the harshest glare. 

In addition, Séura outdoor TVs are fully waterproof, able to endure extreme temperature changes, and are designed to repel any kind of dust from entering its system.

2. Knowing Which Kind of Audio Speakers Are Right for You

Another absolute for the ideal outdoor entertainment experience is selecting the right kind of audio speakers. First, you will want to figure out what kind of configuration suits your needs. 

Will you be hosting parties where people will be mingling in and out of different groups or will you more likely be organizing your very own outdoor movie nights? The answers to questions like these will help our installers determine whether you want audio projected over a large area or a speaker layout that is more akin to a surround sound experience.

Our choice for outdoor audio speakers is Coastal Source. Their top-of-the-line audio speakers are completely weatherproof and include options that can cover your entire landscape.

They offer stylish 3-way and 2-way ellipse bollards that can give your backyard a high-tech look but if you’re looking for something less obtrusive, they also have smaller speakers like subwoofers and rock speakers that can be seamlessly hidden among the landscape.

3. Make Your Backyard Come Alive With Integrated Lighting

Another excellent idea for designing your backyard party space is to install a specifically designed lighting system. Coastal Source also offers excellent options for creating such a system. 

Their all-weather outdoor lighting fixtures can highlight pathways, accentuate the architecture of your house, or be strategically placed amongst your landscaping to set off the impressive patterns and colors of your backyard foliage.

And all of this audiovisual equipment, as well as lighting systems, can be automated using Control4. 

With Control4’s whole-home integrated system, you can access and adjust your video, audio, and lighting systems from the device of your choice, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or touchscreen.

How to Best Design Your Outdoor Entertainment Venue

Let’s talk about how One Source can design and integrate your audio, video, and lighting systems so you can give your friends and family the most entertaining experience possible. Call us at (888) 503-1768 or chat with us below to get started.

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