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3 Ways a Commercial Surveillance System Can Keep Your Company Safe

3 Ways a Commercial Surveillance System Can Keep Your Company Safe

Ensure Your Employees’ Safety During These Uncertain Times

Managers all around Bethesda, Maryland, and the Greater D.C. areas are experiencing unprecedented anxiety right now. Not only do they have all the financial and logistical reopening pressures, but they also know they’re sending employees back to work during a vulnerable time. 

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely navigating some of this stress. Just know that there are innovative, high-tech tools to help you mitigate risk. In this blog, we’ll talk about those as well as some overarching benefits of a commercial surveillance system to provide both employees and managers the ultimate peace of mind. 

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Protection From Anywhere

This might be the first time in months that you’ve booked business travel, so it makes sense that you’ll remember what it’s like to worry about your employees when you venture out. You’ll be relieved to know that you can look at each area of your office or property from any laptop or mobile device. If ever your office experiences a security event of any kind (fire, gas leak, burglary, etc.), you will receive an alert in real-time.

Touch-Free Access Control

As a business owner or manager, we’re sure that you want to control the influx of people entering your building and keep anyone who might threaten your business out. That’s where access control augments your security. As you’re well aware, we all have yet another security threat to deal with - the novel coronavirus. We used to install many fingerprint-scan devices and keypads, but today we opt for lower-risk, no-touch access control like key cards, voice control or facial recognition. You can even use your phone as a hands-free entry point. 

We also take care of our clients by implementing safe protocols during each safety equipment installation, like following social distancing guidelines and sanitation measures. 

And now that commercial surveillance technology can function without human touch, we’re taking advantage of these upgrades. Savant’s commercial solutions offer some of the most integrated voice control operation. Facial recognition technology can recognize faces and open doors with zero user input or contact risk.

Advanced Camera Technology

We use the most innovative security cameras that far exceed the capabilities you might associate with security cameras. For example, our cameras can detect human temperature and alert you instantly when a febrile person tries to enter your building. Further, the sensors are advanced enough to read when the high temperature is caused by a fever (possibly due to the new coronavirus) or is simply caused by someone walking outside for an extended period. On that note, the cameras we install can also perform facial recognition despite their new hurdle – the ubiquitous mask – identifying people just from the top half of their faces.

During uncertain times, you need actionable insights. Cameras with people-counting capabilities let you assess the number of people entering and exiting. This can help if you planned to limit your on-location team and you want to make sure no more people than necessary are reporting to the office. 

Contact Us Today!

It’s natural to be concerned about your business and employees, but we know the right devices to mitigate security risks and the tools that make it happen. One Source also has a comprehensive partner program to support you for equipment cleaning, system maintenance, networking needs, remote monitoring and more. Protect your technology investment and avoid the unexpected hiccup, especially when you’re dealing with vital security systems. 


Let us help you choose the perfect commercial safety and surveillance products for your business today: Call us at (888) 503-1768 or chat with us below to get started.

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