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Are You Looking for the Best Outdoor Speakers? 

A Coastal Source Modulus speaker installed between rocks and plants.  

Learn What Sets Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers Apart from the Rest!

Summer is once again coming to McLean, VA, and with it, the time for social events in the pool or backyard is also nearly here! So, is your smart home ready to welcome back your guests? If you are not entirely sure of the answer, just step outside, hit play, and listen to your outdoor speakers

At One Source, we design, install, and integrate outdoor technology systems that will be the envy of your neighbors and the perfect excuse to never go back inside! With that said, not all speakers are created equal, and we wouldn’t want anything but the best for you and your home. 

Read on to learn why Coastal Source speakers should be the heart and soul of your next outdoor entertainment system, taking hi-fi audio to every corner of the yard!

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The Secrets to Outdoor Entertainment 

Outdoor entertainment is all about getting great audio to the right places, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in your yard. That’s why we will need a strong network, Wi-Fi access points, and products designed to withstand the challenges of spending their entire existence facing potentially harsh weather. 

Coastal Source products like the Bollard speaker family are engineered to give you hi-fi audio anywhere outdoors. For example, Line Source, 2-Way, and 3-Way speakers use large diagonal drivers, which makes them ideal for distributing sound across large open spaces. Modulus Bullet speakers, on the other hand, rely on a passive bass radiator to deliver focused, directional sound in hard-to-reach areas or anywhere else where bass augmentation is needed. 

Whichever style you prefer, they’re easily hidden, offering above and in-ground application options to match your existing landscape design. Coastal Source speakers are also perfectly engineered to resist extreme temperatures, heavy rain, strong winds, freezing snow, and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

Integrate, Automate & Enjoy!

Another feature you should look for in outdoor speakers is their ease of integration with other systems and devices from different brands. 

Imagine it’s party time, and the guests are about to arrive. With an integrated outdoor entertainment system and Savant home automation, one tap is all it takes to turn on the lights and speakers, roll down the motorized shades, and play your favorite tunes in all the right places! 

The next day, while you’re recovering from a night of partying, one more tap and the scene will shift to relaxing light music played at the perfect volume in your favorite hidden outdoor nook.

Contact us today, and we may still be in time to get your new speakers ready in time for this coming summer!

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