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Brighten Your Home with Lighting and Shade Control

Home with stairs leading up to a porch. Well-lit property at night.

How to Get Started with Smart Lighting and Motorized Shades in Your Home

Have you ever made it home after work only to realize that your kitchen lights have been on all day? This situation can be frustrating and send your power bill through the roof. What if you could adjust your home's lighting from anywhere — all with one single remote? One Source offers a solution that lets you take complete control of your home, whether you’re in your bedroom, kitchen, or miles away.

If you’re interested in adding more luxury and automation to your home in Washington, DC, keep reading to learn how to get started with smart lighting and shade control. 

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How Does It Work?

It's easy; once we install your lighting and shade control system, you can control every light and window treatment on your property from your tablet or mobile device. So even if you've already left for work, you can still adjust any smart light or window treatment in your home. 

Did you forget to turn off the kitchen light or lower the shades before you left for the day? Or perhaps you'll be coming home late and want to ensure the porch light is on for your safety. Whatever you need — smart lighting and motorized shades can help with that. 

Gone are the days of light switches being the only option. Instead, imagine the convenience and luxury of controlling the artificial and natural light in your home with just a few taps. A home lighting system gives you complete control and makes your life easier. 

How to Enjoy a System in Your Home

Although lighting and shade control systems are quite sophisticated, it’s not complicated for you to get started with them in your home. It just takes five easy steps. 

  1. Give us a call. Express your interest. We'll tell you about One Source and how lighting and shade automation can enhance your home and lifestyle.
  2. Tell us a little about you. We'll gather more information about you and your needs and then develop an initial plan. One Source will customize the system based on you and your unique situation.
  3. Approve the design. Once we speak with you, we'll be able to use your initial proposal to craft documentation that our skilled technicians can model your system after. With your approval, we'll move forward.
  4. Wait for implementation. Once you sign off on the design, we will move forward with the installation. Our technicians ensure everything is installed properly and operating as it should. The project completion date will vary based on the size of your home and other factors.
  5. Get support when you need it. Even after your lighting and shade control system is installed, we're still available for help if you need it. All manufacturer warranties come with a 100% guarantee, and if you need extra protection beyond that, check out our partner program.

Lighting and Shade Control Made Easy

Is it time to bring more lighting and life to your home? One Source can be your one-stop shop for all of your lighting and shading needs. Get in touch with us — we'll help you create the ideal lifestyle for you and your family. 

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