Enhance Your Visuals With Immersive Video Walls

a video wall with multiple videos playing at once

Explore the Benefits of this Scalable and Versatile Video Solution 

While projector screens and large flatscreens are excellent choices for displaying video, a video wall opens up a new world of opportunities. Regularly used in commercial applications to create dynamic, larger-than-life digital signage, video walls are now expanding to the residential market as well. 

While plenty of brands offer exceptional video distribution solutions, Crestron and Savant are the top choices for commercial and residential applications respectively. Read on to discover why video walls are the ultimate option in businesses and homes throughout the Washington, DC, area.

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Commercial Video Walls 

The Crestron DM NVX platform is the pinnacle in video distribution for commercial spaces. Based on Crestron’s existing AV over IP platform, the DM NVX allows for 8K video resolution to meet the latest industry standards.GCU-based encoding makes it easy for users to create seamless images with multiple streams coming together on a video wall. 

Configurations can be small, large, or in any shape imaginable, from pyramids to cubes. Through ultra-bright displays, you can even add them to outdoor spaces. Easily choose the content you want to share and whether you want it scaled across the video wall or to have different streams playing in separate areas of the wall. 

Using Crestron’s DM NVX platform, it’s easy to adjust the content on the video walls to promote new information or even create new layouts daily. Simple changes to content make it easier to engage existing and potential clients. 

Video walls are much easier to maintain than single-unit TVs or projectors. When there is a fault in your projector or TV, your entire display is out of commission until all necessary repairs have been made. But that’s not the case with a video wall. While one of the displays is removed for repairs, such as a burned-out pixel, all the other monitors continue to function without issues.

Residential Video Walls 

Create equally immersive video displays in the comfort of home with Savant’s own AV-over-IP video distribution system. A perfect solution as the fall sports season approaches, Savant’s video tiling solution delivers 4K Ultra HD resolution as a tile on any video display. Enjoy a different football game on each tile or combine them all into one large display when a game reaches its closing seconds. 

When using Savant, homeowners get to experience the convenience and comfort of simplified control. Through the Savant app, use a single drag and drop menu to design and adjust your video wall. Drag the source you want to its respective tile and pinch or expand tiles to adjust their size on the display. 

One Source can help you with the integrations of a wide range of video wall solutions. We are certified Crestron and Savant dealers. Call us today at (888) 503-1768 or reach out by filling out an easy online contact form.

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