Smart Home Lighting System

What Smart Home Technology Can Do for Your Lighting System

September 17, 2020

Advantages of a Smart Home Lighting Control System

Research shows that exposure to natural light can boost your immune system, help you think more clearly, and reduce stress. What many of us don’t know is that most interior lighting gives off an unnatural kind of light because it radiates the wrong kind of color temperature.

The ideal lighting control feels natural because it emanates the same color temperature that may come from the rising of the dawn with its bright illumination or the setting of the sun with its warmer hues.  

Lighting control systems designed by our team can be set and controlled right from your smartphone or tablet. This not only provides convenience but also creates a more comfortable environment.

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Providing A Better Quality of Light

Conventional interior lights, like halogen and normal LED, only produce light within a specific color temperature that typically produces a harsh white light or a sickly orange hue.

Modern lighting sources are much more versatile and can be adjusted to the color of your walls and ceilings so that it produces a specific kind of light that is appropriate for each space. This is why we recommend Ketra.

Ketra’s advanced lighting devices can be specifically tuned to produce different shades of white and a multitude of colors to match any room’s color scheme. In addition, each lighting source can be programmed so that throughout the day it automatically matches the intensity of the sun from sunrise to sunset. Ketra lighting also entails a complex series of calibration mechanisms so every light will be able to retain a proper saturation and brightness level.

The Comfort and Convenience of a Smart Home Lighting System

Incorporating smart technology into your lighting system is a must for anyone looking to optimize the use of their home automation system.

Once your lights have been strategically installed, you can access all the appropriate lights at once when you enter a room simply by pressing a button on your interactive wall screen or by giving a command to your smart speaker.

You might want to go to your living room to look over some reading material. By simply stating the command, “I want to read,” your overhead lights automatically dim while the reading lamps at either end of your sofa illuminate.

You could also program your kitchen lighting for a “gourmet time!” command or as you walk into the kitchen you could press the “gourmet time” button on your wall and the lights placed beneath your cabinets light up with the kind of bright light you’re going to need to precisely chop your vegetables.

But even more ideal is when you can integrate more of your smart home technology into a single directive like “nighttime.” As you make your way to bed, just press a button on your phone or say the command and an entire set of systems are activated: The lights you set to go off throughout your entire house are lowered, your exterior security lights are turned on, all doors are locked, the alarm is set, and your home temperature is lowered.

How To Best Design and Integrate Your Lighting Control System

Let’s talk about how One Source can integrate and design a lighting control system so the house you purchased can truly feel like a home. Call us at (888) 503-1768 or chat with us below to get started.


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