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5 Ways to Make Your Home Theater Installation Special

Home movie theater with large screen, lighting and couch.

One Source Optimizes Your Space for an Exceptional Viewing Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect cinematic experience in your new home theater. First, you’ll envision a large, dramatic screen with colorful, high-definition pictures. You may also hear the rumble of action through a top-of-the-line audio system that immerses you in the music, dialogue, and sound effects in the movie. 

What else is in your vision? Comfortable seats? Dimmed lighting? What are the items you envision in your home theater installation that make every cinematic experience rise to meet your expectations?

Continue reading for some of the finer details One Source would have you consider with a theater installation for your home in Arlington, VA, or the surrounding area.

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The Room

If you’ve never had a home theater before, you might need some advice on the perfect location. There are both room size and light factors, as well as location considerations, that can make or break your movie-watching experiences. For the best home theater installation, choose a room with the following:

  • High ceilings
  • No windows
  • Ample space for seating and hanging out
  • A sound barrier (or distance) between it and the rest of the house


For the best movie-watching experiences, we highly recommend soundproofing to eliminate distractions caused by outside noise. Soundproofing can help insulate you from normal house sounds, but it can also keep the sound of your movie from distracting others at home. In addition, acoustic treatment in your home theater improves the sound quality of your audio system. 

Lighting Controls

How would you know when the movie is about to begin if you were at the cinema? Lighting plays a key role in that, right? We can create a similar dramatic lighting effect using smart lighting controls. With just the push of a button, we can transform your home theater space into a magical movie experience through the power of lighting. From wall sconces and recessed lighting to starlit ceilings and floor lighting, we install a wide range to add personality to your space.   

Master Sound

Unless you’re an audio guru, you may not have a keen understanding of the sound options available. Surround sound is a must for any home theater. After all, it’s what the cineplexes have! Let us create an immersive 3D sound experience with a Dolby Atmos system. You’ll feel like you're in the center of the action with every movie you watch. Everything from the placement of speakers to the fine-tuning of the bass can make or break your movie experience. So let us help to get it perfect.

A Professional Finish

When you envisioned your perfect cinema space, did you see wires everywhere? Of course, you didn’t! That’s because a professional finish is one of the keys to building a beautiful and modern space you can be proud of and invite others to join. A professional finish includes hiding wires in walls and ceilings, fine-tuning audio and acoustic components, and perhaps even painting the room a darker color to reduce glare.


If you’re ready to start planning a home theater installation in your Arlington, VA, area home, turn to the experts at One Source to make your cinema a special place to enjoy. Please contact us via this online form, and we’ll be in touch.

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