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Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment

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Enhance the AV experience with high-performance audio-video installation and seamless control

Do you love watching movies but prefer to do it in privacy with friends and family - not in a big movie theater? Perhaps you’d love to listen to your favorite band or artist, but you hate the crowd and traffic. Why not bring the cinematic experience or the concert to your home? 

With professional audio-video installation, you can make your home the dream of every movie-lover and audiophile. But it isn't just about creating a home theater or media room space. The control options you get and the quality of the AV system also matter. 

Read on to discover how expert integration of the audio-video system makes your home in Bethesda, MD, more entertaining. 

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Entertainment in the Whole Home!

The central element of home entertainment will always be the AV system. Sure, you can enjoy board games, charades, or pool and billiards with friends and family. However, with high-performance sound and video, you create an oasis in every part of the house, allowing your whole family to benefit from the installation. 

From the living room to the kitchen, every room can be transformed into a big or small “home theater” space. The best part? Expert integrators install the audio and video system while preserving the aesthetics of your luxury home. There won’t be any unsightly wiring in the room. Instead, all the technology can be concealed. Even TVs can hide within ceilings or cabinets - or even transform into mirrors or artwork - when not in use. 

As for the speakers, you won’t ever have to deal with large units that take up space, unless you prefer floor-standing loudspeakers. Instead, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers let you listen to hi-fi sound that is only heard, not seen. 

Seamless and Sleek Control Options

Of course, distributed AV systems offer endless entertainment, but the installation is never complete unless you have suitable controls. Complicated clusters of remotes can be confusing. But when you work with experts, they offer a variety of different control options. 

For instance, with Control4 systems, you can adjust the AV system in any room with a single user-friendly touch interface. Create zones, stream movies, or listen to songs in any room of your choice. 

Savant also offers similar control options. With the Savant, you can use the AV system with your smartphone or even their state-of-the-art remote, making home entertainment and home control even more convenient. 

Speaking of convenience, nothing beats the simplicity and functionality of voice control. And what could offer better voice control options than Josh ai? With only a simple voice command, you enjoy hands-free control over the AV system and any other technology in your home. 

Take control of your home entertainment by upgrading with One Source. We use products from luxury brands to ensure the best results. Give us a call at (888) 503-1768, or fill out an easy online contact form for more details. We can’t wait to work with you.

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