What’s Behind the Perfect Home Office Setup?

A man using the Control4 app on his smartwatch. 

Learn How Smart Technology Systems Optimize Productivity at Your Home Office

Over the past several years, technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. The line separating home and the office is becoming increasingly blurred. In other words, with the growing trend of remote work, there has never been a better time for a smart home office setup!

At One Source, we are the leading technology integrators in Washington, D.C., and the perfect partner for designing and installing your new smart home office. With decades of experience in home automation, we can create a space tailored to your needs, keeping you connected to work from the comfort of home. 

Here are some of the key components of a smart home office and how they will help you achieve optimal productivity at home. 

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This Football Season, Bring the Games to Your Home

A media room featuring a wall-mounted Sony ES TV screen.

Your Home Entertainment System Takes Watching Football to Another Level!

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, football fans in Arlington, VA, are gearing up for the big game. Delicious food, plenty of drinks, and guaranteed fun are all on the menu, but for a truly unforgettable experience, a new or updated home entertainment system may be just what you are looking for!

At One Source, we can design, install, and integrate everything you need for the game, from state-of-the-art screens across your home to immersive surround sound and lighting control systems, placing your couch at the heart of the action.

Whether you will be at the home theater or moving from one room to another, every space benefits from a professionally installed AV system. Read on to learn more!

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How a Home Automation System Improves Home Entertainment

a media room with black recliners and tunable lights

Enjoy effortless control and endless fun in the media room

An automation system makes everything in your home work effortlessly. You can either tap an icon to control a technology, or the intuitive system adapts to your routine, offering convenient solutions that elevate your lifestyle. 

In addition, a home automation system makes your home more entertaining. By implementing automated control in the media room, you can operate each element from one central hub with a press of a button. Since the media room or home theater includes a collection of technologies, centralizing control enhances the home entertainment experience. 

Read on to discover how you can make use of the automation system in the media room in your Washington, DC, home.

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4 Elements to Build the Ultimate Home Media Room

A media room with a large TV screen and loudspeakers.

Effective Home Media Rooms Should Be Inviting, Versatile, and a Whole Lot of Fun!

How do most of us like to spend our time at home? 

Watching football with friends, relaxing at home on a rainy weekend, and having family movie nights may be very different experiences, but they often happen in the same place. Your media room. 

At One Source, we design and install state-of-the-art home media rooms in Washington, DC that adapt to any occasion through smart products and automation systems. 

From the perfect TV screen and motorized shades to the placement of speakers and light features, we know the right brands and installation will make a difference. 

Here is a brief overview of the equipment you need to make your new media room the most inviting and versatile place at home. 

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Theater Installation Special

Home movie theater with large screen, lighting and couch.

One Source Optimizes Your Space for an Exceptional Viewing Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect cinematic experience in your new home theater. First, you’ll envision a large, dramatic screen with colorful, high-definition pictures. You may also hear the rumble of action through a top-of-the-line audio system that immerses you in the music, dialogue, and sound effects in the movie. 

What else is in your vision? Comfortable seats? Dimmed lighting? What are the items you envision in your home theater installation that make every cinematic experience rise to meet your expectations?

Continue reading for some of the finer details One Source would have you consider with a theater installation for your home in Arlington, VA, or the surrounding area.

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Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment

a man sitting on a living room sofa beside a woman in front of a TV

Enhance the AV experience with high-performance audio-video installation and seamless control

Do you love watching movies but prefer to do it in privacy with friends and family - not in a big movie theater? Perhaps you’d love to listen to your favorite band or artist, but you hate the crowd and traffic. Why not bring the cinematic experience or the concert to your home? 

With professional audio-video installation, you can make your home the dream of every movie-lover and audiophile. But it isn't just about creating a home theater or media room space. The control options you get and the quality of the AV system also matter. 

Read on to discover how expert integration of the audio-video system makes your home in Bethesda, MD, more entertaining. 

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Enhance Your Visuals With Immersive Video Walls

a video wall with multiple videos playing at once

Explore the Benefits of this Scalable and Versatile Video Solution 

While projector screens and large flatscreens are excellent choices for displaying video, a video wall opens up a new world of opportunities. Regularly used in commercial applications to create dynamic, larger-than-life digital signage, video walls are now expanding to the residential market as well. 

While plenty of brands offer exceptional video distribution solutions, Crestron and Savant are the top choices for commercial and residential applications respectively. Read on to discover why video walls are the ultimate option in businesses and homes throughout the Washington, DC, area.

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Brighten Your Home with Lighting and Shade Control

Home with stairs leading up to a porch. Well-lit property at night.

How to Get Started with Smart Lighting and Motorized Shades in Your Home

Have you ever made it home after work only to realize that your kitchen lights have been on all day? This situation can be frustrating and send your power bill through the roof. What if you could adjust your home's lighting from anywhere — all with one single remote? One Source offers a solution that lets you take complete control of your home, whether you’re in your bedroom, kitchen, or miles away.

If you’re interested in adding more luxury and automation to your home in Washington, DC, keep reading to learn how to get started with smart lighting and shade control. 

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Set Up the Perfect Home Office with Video Conference Solutions

Set Up the Perfect Home Office with Video Conference Solutions

High-Quality Video Conferencing Creates a Professional AV Setup When Working at Home

Today, many companies have adopted work-from-home and hybrid work models. Not only has it helped improve work efficiency and employee morale, but businesses have seen a decrease in expenses and more profitability

If you work from home, then a robust home network and high-performance AV solutions are necessary to ensure productivity and professionalism. That’s why video conference solutions are essential for your Washington, DC, home office. An upgraded system allows you to join video calls, conduct client meetings, and host conferences right from the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to learn about the best solutions you need to have an excellent video conferencing environment in your home.

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Upgrade Your Home Network Setup for Better Connectivity

A virtual touchscreen with icon buttons representing the smart technologies that run on a smart home setup with a hand pushing a power button from behind.

Discover How a Professional Installation Provides Improved Streaming, Robust Security, & the Freedom to Move About

Smart technology enhances the way you live, work, and play, offering features that improve your general wellbeing and make things more entertaining. At the touch of a button or your voice, you enjoy stunning high-definition movies and sports, superior audiophile sound, and the ability to create a personalized environment. Regardless of your needs or desires, all of these features rely on a reliable network setup

As our reliance on connected devices continues, you need a system that meets your needs today and grows with you into the future. Whether you are working remotely, binging the latest streaming series, or gaming with friends from across the globe, our expert team of designers and installers ensures it all goes without a hitch. 

Are you looking to upgrade your Washington, DC home with better bandwidth, flexibility, and data security? Read below to find out more. 

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How To Make Your Home Theater Installation Project As Good As Traditional Theaters

How To Make Your Home Theater Installation Project As Good As Traditional Theaters

Bring the cineplex experience to your Washington, D.C. home with One Source home theater installation.

Home theaters make a great addition to Washington D.C. homes. With mainstream theaters not being common attractions these days, it’s worth it to hire a smart home company like One Source for home theater installation. If you love going to commercial theaters, you’ll love having your own. You’ll get all the perks of a large display and immersive audio plus fewer annoyances like sticky floors, crowds, and people that talk through the movie. 

Home theater installation requires a good deal of planning and design. Here are some ideas of what you’ll need and what to expect.

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Creating a Home Theater for the Holidays

Creating a Home Theater for the Holidays

Building an Entertainment Mecca for Movie Night, Sporting Events, and Gamers

November has arrived, and with it, the thoughts of family gatherings, parties, shopping, and holiday music at every turn. For some, the holidays bring a feeling of joy and excitement. For others, a slight sense of dread. Whichever group you find yourself in, know that a home theater installation can help make this holiday season one of the best yet. So let's see how a personal home theater can transform your Bethesda, MD home.

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3 Reasons It’s Time to Call a Savant Dealer

3 Reasons It’s Time to Call a Savant Dealer

Is your Washington D.C. home "smart"? Can you transform each room with the simple push of a button or command of your voice? Imagine being able to reduce the glare coming from the sun in your living room without having to leave your bed or couch to adjust the blinds. Picture having lights that brighten or dim appropriately on their own depending on the hour of day and a thermostat that adjusts accordingly to accommodate cool mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly evenings. 

Perfecting the ambiance in your home has never been easier with smart home automation from One Source, your local Savant dealer. Read on to learn more about how a Savant home can become even more of a personal sanctuary.

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Lutron Lighting Control Brightens Up Your Spaces

Lutron Lighting Control Brightens Up Your Spaces

Add Convenience, Comfort, & Style to Your Whole Home

When you think of lighting for your home, what do you envision? Simply a system that can illuminate your Bethesda, MD property or keep your interiors well-lit in the evenings? Lighting control from Lutron goes far beyond the standard setup.

With a Lutron home lighting system, you can elevate any area of your living space with the tap of a button. This trusted brand provides convenience, enhanced comfort, accentuated style, and much more – keep reading on below to learn more about their system’s many benefits!

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2 Key Reasons Why a Professional Smart Home Installation Transforms Your Home

2 Key Reasons Why a Professional Smart Home Installation Transforms Your Home

Solutions from Trusted Brands Create a Centralized System

What exactly makes a smart home setup a luxurious experience for you and your family? It all comes down to the smart solutions and products that make up your system. The most compatible, user-friendly technologies are vital! And so is the way you set them up.

A professional smart home installation with the best of the best brands is imperative. Our team at One Source is ready to bring the ultimate smart home experience to your Bethesda, MD, property today. Want to find out more about our services and solutions? Just keep reading on below.

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Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Lutron and Ketra

Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Lutron and Ketra

Bring the Power of Natural Light Indoors

The lighting we spend most of our time in makes a huge impact on our lives. Shouldn’t your Washington D.C. home have the lighting you need to create the comfortable atmosphere you want? If the lighting in your home is lacking, we highly recommend the power of Lutron and Ketra.

In this blog post, we dive into three reasons why you need Lutron and Ketra lighting and explain how tunable LED lighting can support your physical and emotional health. Let’s get started.

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Boost Your Customers’ Experience By Providing Memorable, Immersive Audio And Video

Boost Your Restaurant Business With a Distributed Audio Video System

Reopen Your Business Safely with the Help of Automated Touchless Control

Enjoying a meal with friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures. Some of our most memorable moments happen around a dinner table, whether we are gathering for a holiday meal or just a Tuesday night dinner. Sharing a meal is about more than just food; it’s about coming together to laugh and share joys and hardships. 

That's why creating a safe environment for your customers to come and relax and enjoy a good meal is so important. Seating and décor, as well as music and entertainment, are vital if you want to cultivate the right atmosphere for clientele to enjoy your Washington, DC restaurant. Learn how a top-quality AV system prepares your target clientele for game-day gatherings and private parties, and how One Source can help you make the transition more safely. 

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Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System with Control4

Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System with Control4

Control High-Quality Audio in Every Room with Total Ease

If you already have a whole-home audio system installed on your Bethesda, MD property, you know that it can bring any space to life. Your favorite audio is no longer confined to just one room in your home. You can enjoy crystal clear music no matter where you are on your property.

Integrating your whole-home audio system with a Control4 home automation system gives you unprecedented control of your audio experience. Keep reading to find out what an audio system can bring to your space and how Control4 helps you harness its power. 

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Everything You Need for a Successful Home Theater Installation

Everything You Need for a Successful Home Theater Installation

An Immersive Experience with More Control

Are you considering a home theater for your Bethesda, MD property this year? With commercial theaters not being quite as accessible as before, anyone who misses going to the movies would love having their own private theater. 

There’s a lot of work and thought that goes into designing and installing a home theater, so we wrote this blog post to give you an idea of the basic components you’ll need for a home theater system and what to expect. Keep reading to find out what equipment you’ll need and how you can effortlessly control it all with a Control4 system.

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What Smart Home Automation Can Bring to Your Space


Discover the Comfort and Convenience of Smart Technology 

Your home is your safety net and hiding place from the outside world, and no one can deny that you’re spending more time in your sanctuary than you might have expected a year ago. Why wouldn’t you want it to feel as comfortable and convenient as possible? For example, our automated approach to entertainment systems means that you can talk to your system to get a movie to start, and you can pause and play any media in one room and continue it somewhere else. Even better, enjoy this flexibility without any remotes, if you so choose.

We know you’ve taken the time to carefully decorate your home to create the perfect atmosphere, but have you considered how smart home automation can enhance your lifestyle?

If not, it’s okay. We’re here to help. Keep reading to find out what smart home automation can bring to your Washington, DC space.

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